Gang Run

Mir Gang Run

Gang run printing is a method used to reduce the cost of printing by combining different print jobs to maximize an entire sheet of paper. This divides the initial printing cost among the different projects and eliminates paper wastage. To achieve gang run prints, the printer "gangs up" or puts together several projects on one sheet spread and these projects run simultaneously on the presses. For offset printing, the maximum size accommodated is 28" x 40".
Through gang run printing, a full sheet can include several similar projects, for instance, business cards for numerous clients. Or it may also be possible to combine different print products like posters, flyers and brochures. Most notable of its positive points is averaging the set-up cost among all the projects included. This, as mentioned, makes printing projects more cost-effective for each client.
In addition to this, other operation factors such as set-up and production time, plate making, and labor cost are also reduced. All of these contribute further to affordable printing rates. This technique also allows printers to use almost the entire spread of paper. Excess portions that are insufficient for bigger print materials may be filled in by smaller products so only a minor percentage of the spread is thrown away, and these are normally just the edges. This advantage is both desirable environment-wise and cost-wise.

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