Flyers/Sell Sheets

Flyers/Sell Sheets

  • 100lb Gloss Book
  • 14PT Cardstock Available

Please Note: The turnaround for the specific quantity of 2500 might require longer than 3-7 Business Days and MIR can't guarantee the specific duration of time.
When you are considering the best, most cost effective way to promote your company, do not underestimate the power of flyers. Whether you wish to promote an upcoming event, concert or new business, flyers are an impressive and eye-catching way to spread the word!
When designing your flyer, be sure to include all the relevant information without making it cluttered. A squashed design is displeasing to the eye, and will work against you. Remember, less is more. An eye-catching image or color combination that re-enforces your message is the most effect type of flyer design.
Printing Sales Sheets or perhaps even Data Sheets can be another professional way to attract customers and get your company's message across. Leave a long-lasting impression that will not only keep your clients, but keep them coming. Let us help you when it comes to designing and printing your Flyers and Sales Sheets!

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